Developing Curious Minds

Our new Children's Museum... Science Center... Indoor Play Zone... Discovery Center has been open for exploration since July 3, 2010. The best learning is inspired by Curiosity and Continually Engaging play.


to our fun, unique, interactions for the entire family to discover how the world works through exciting play and engaging exploration.

  • Exploration is messy, bring a change of clothes, especially for teens and parents.
  • Wear clean socks to keep the floor clean for play.
  • We offer healthy, affordable snacks. You may also bring snacks or lunch.


We are sad to announce we are closed for business. We are selling off all of our Toys, Attractions, Materials, and Tools. More details at page Closing



FREE Parking

Kid Day Pass: $8.00/ea
Parent Day Pass: $5.00/ea
Ten Pass Card: $4.00/pass
Flex Pass: $2.50/person
  • Normal Admission covers all day, groups can even leave and return.
  • Ten Pass Card for $40 is ten pre-paid Normal Admissions valid for family and friends of all ages, and never expires.
  • Flex Pass Annual Account for $25 gets Normal Admissions for only $2.50/person* for up to five family or friends of all ages, expires in 12 Months.
  • Birthday Parties welcome and affordable.
  • Playgroups twice weekly by GDC, plus those organized by parents.
  • Field Trips and group rates available, inquire for pricing and curriculum.



Fall 2014

Sep. 1 - Nov. 3

If our Kickstarter campaign is not funded we will not be able to reopen!